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HighGate Construction, LLC


Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident!


Highgate Construction is committed to providing a safe work environment to all of our employees, contractors and the public.  Highgate has outlined the necessary steps to create and maintain a culture of SAFETY.


· New Hire Orientation that introduces the culture of the COMPANY’S SAFETY POLICY.  Review of industry safety guidelines, company policies and procedures.


· Monthly Safety Meetings to facilitate OSHA Training to comply with government regulations


· Foreman’s review weekly safety topics related to the construction field


· Personal protective equipment will be worn by all employees on job sites.


· Near Miss Program – Actively being proactive to capture near misses before it becomes an accident.  Investigate each near miss to determine root cause and corrective action to eliminate the hazard.  This is communicated to all employees.


· Audit of machinery, work environment and behavior to identify gaps.  Audits and training will continue to develop and enhance our employees to recognize hazards and minimize risk during company operations.


· Unsafe acts are prohibited and will not be tolerated.




· Employees shall be alert to their safety as well as that of their co-workers




HIGHGATE Construction SAFETY policy


Highgate Construction will make the safety of our employees, contractors and the public the highest priority.  Prevention of accidents will be the primary focus at all levels of Operations in order to maintain a safeguard against injuries and illnesses occurring on the job.  It is essential that everyone takes responsibility of health & safety by openly communicating concerns or suggestions to help promote safe work practices and conditions. 



Cherif Elsaghir